COLLECTION of SaGa FINAL FANTASY LEGEND – Launch Trailer – Nintendo Switch

COLLECTION of SaGa FINAL FANTASY LEGEND is available to download now on Nintendo Switch!

Celebrate the 30th Anniversary of SaGa with one epic collection including the three original Game Boy titles, now updated with new features for Nintendo Switch.

Experience the series’ origins. This collection includes the first three SaGa games, originally released as THE FINAL FANTASY LEGEND, FINAL FANTASY LEGEND II, and FINAL FANTASY LEGEND III in North America. This digital compilation is packed with brand new features to enhance the experience, while maintaining the charm and wonder that made the pioneering original games so special.

Discover these classics brought to life with all-new features including speed boosts, a retro display mode, and commemorative music and art. Further modify your play with adjustable screen magnification and game screen background customization. You can also take your collection on the go with handheld mode or revive the nostalgia of playing the originals by removing the Joy-Cons and turning your Nintendo Switch vertically for a Game Boy-like experience.

Available Now!

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