Lego Star Wars The Force Awakens: Takodana FREE ROAM (All Collectibles) – HTG

(HTG) Brian plays and completes the Takodana FREE ROAM for the new Lego Star Wars The Force Awakens. The Lego Star Wars Force Awakens FREE ROAM videos will cover all of what is left in the HUB areas including all Gold Bricks, Carbonite Bricks, Races, Quests/Missions and more for Lego Star Wars The Force Awakens! We are very stoked to be in the “Home Stretch” of Lego Star Wars The Force Awakens playlist and we hope you have enjoyed it so far! Let us know if you have any questions or request regarding Lego Star Wars the Force Awakens or regarding the Takodana FREE ROAM and we will be sure to do our best to answer/help out! Thanks for watching #BooYaKaShouw!!

Quick links for Lego Star Wars The Force Awakens Takodana FREE ROAM:
Takodana Gold Brick 1: 00:56
Takodana Translate Mission 1: 01:44
Takodana Race 1: 02:54
Takodana Gold Brick 2: 03:42
Takodana General Mission 1: 04:33
Takodana Gold Brick 3: 05:43
Takodana Gold Brick 4: 06:37
Takodana Carbonite Brick 1: 08:15
Takodana Carbonite Brick 2: 08:35
Takodana Gold Brick 5: 09:01
Takodana Carbonite Brick 3: 09:45
Takodana Translate Mission 2: 10:09
Takodana Gold Brick 6: 12:05
Takodana First Order Mission 1: 12:05
Takodana Carbonite Brick 4: 14:28
Takodana Carbonite Brick 5: 15:35
Takodana General Mission 2: 17:14
Takodana General Mission 3: 19:06
Takodana Scavenger Mission 1: 21:03
Takodana Gold Brick 7: 22:11
Takodana Race 2: 22:54
Takodana Carbonite Brick 6: 23:50
Takodana Gold Brick 8: 24:21
Takodana Gold Brick 9: 24:44
Takodana Resistance Mission 1: 25:26
Takodana General Mission 4: 27:10
Takodana Carbonite Brick 7: 27:49
Takodana Gold Brick 10: 28:09
Takodana Gold Brick 11: 28:30
Takodana Carbonite Brick 8: 29:29
Takodana Race 3: 29:55
Takodana Gold Brick 12: 31:35
Takodana Gold Brick 13: 32:11
Takodana Gold Brick 14: 32:28
Takodana Gold Brick 15: 33:07

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