Jean Giraud "Moebius" and Jean Claude Mezieres art concept in Fifth Element (sub Español)

Para el arte visual y conceptual de la pelicula Fifth Elemet (El Quinto Elemento) de Luc Besson; el director encargo una estética y arte visual muy especial, acargo del equipo de artistas estaban dos grandes del comic frances : Jean Claude Mezieres y Jean Giraud, conocido por todos como “Moebius”.

En este clip, parte de los extras del dvd de la pelicula, nos asomamos a una parte de ese proceso de creación en palabras de los artistas.
For the visual and conceptual art of the movie The Fifth Element by Luc Besson, the director commissioned an aesthetic and visual art very special;the team was leadership by two famous artists from the french comic: Jean-Claude Mezieres and Jean Giraud known to all as “Moebius”.

In this clip, part of the DVD extras of the movie, we looked at a part of that process of creation in the words of the artists.

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