Avengers Breakdown – Marvel Phase 4 and Avengers Infinity Saga Rewatch Easter Eggs

Avengers Breakdown – Marvel Phase 4 and Avengers Infinity Saga Rewatch Easter Eggs

Avengers Breakdown. New Details, Marvel Phase 4 Easter Eggs, Avengers Infinity Saga, Endgame, X-Men Easter Eggs, Iron Man Alternate Ending Deleted Scene ►
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Covering new Marvel Infinity Saga of Movies starting with The Avengers Movie. Full Breakdown of new Details, Avengers Endgame Easter Eggs and Marvel Phase 4 Movie Connections. Avengers Endgame Iron Man Deleted Scene Alternate Endingm X-Men Scene Easter Eggs, Iron Man Spiderman 3 Connections.

Iron Man Avengers Endgame Ending Scene setup and foreshadowing. And new details connecting the first Avengers Movie to all other Marvel Movies. I’ll be doing this for all of the Avengers Infinity Saga movies. New Infinity Saga Rewatch Breakdown videos will post every couple of days, at least two movies per week if not more.

Iron Man will return in Marvel Phase 4, but not how everyone expects. So I’ll also be pointing out all the easter eggs and Teaser Scenes for those things.

The Infinity Saga Box Set contests will run through all the videos in the series! Leave all your video requests in the comments and if you spot any major easter eggs I didn’t include in the video!

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