Line of Duty | Series 6 | Trailer – BBC

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Lies cost lives. 
The new series of Line of Duty starts Sunday 21 March, 9pm on BBC One and BBC iPlayer. 

Line of Duty | Series 6 | BBC

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  1. So excited to watch this! The trailer looks amazing!!!

  2. "When did we stop caring about honesty and integrity?"…erm, season 1 mate. About the time when you also stopped caring about sensible plotting and more about shock-value, twisty ridiculous fake-outs and went all Rian Johnson on us. Actually I take it back, the first 2 seasons were great.

  3. Excellent! I love it! Every season I admire this drama. Please come immediately

  4. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Catching criminals is tough enough but catching coppers – God give me strength.

  5. Love steve he's come a long way since monarch of the glen😀

  6. Nice recruitment campaign join the police get punched , spat on and head flushed in the bog lol

  7. Still the best show on tv now

  8. Kelly Macdonald yeay!!!!!😆


  10. I will be throwing the book at ya followed by the bookshelf

  11. Woah. Yusuf from EastEnders is in this.


  13. Please don't let this go down the woke piss hole BBC.


  14. Who knows when this will be on either Acorn or iTunes?? Cannot wait.

  15. Am a huge of line of Duty but watchin the trailer ( ah ken its 70secs ) ave got a bad feeelin this series could let us down n ah hate sayin this. Why was H not mentioned n young Ryan who we seen joining the coppers end of last season. Who was in charge that day the lovely dark-skinned communiy officer from season 1 who jus happened to take the 12 year old Ryan under his wing. These characters and stories need to be in this.

  16. Super excited I must admit 😁

  17. how can i watch this in usa ???

  18. You are going down for a long time fella.

  19. Making one of the 3 mains the bad guy would be illogical and purely bad and lazy writing.

  20. Now we’re sucking diesel! Let’s go fellas

  21. I genuinely think the last 'H" person is Kate. Sounds very weird but it turns the camera to her at the end. We all have our theories. it would be so shocking if its true

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