25 Marvel Cosplays Better Than The Original

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In the movies, studios pour millions of dollars to get the costumes just right. They have a team of artists designing a super suit that matches the hero’s outfit from the comics. Led by a director’s singular vision, the company develops a costume that everyone could enjoy, from the most diehard fans to the more casual audience members. And yet, some person visiting a comic book convention can often make something even more eye-popping, inventive and out-there than the salaried employees of Marvel Studios. That’s where ScreenRant comes in. We’ve searched the interwebs and are shedding light on these 25 Marvel cosplayers who did a better job of bringing your favorite characters to life than the movies themselves.

Join us as we check out these DIY costumes that resourceful fans made from materials around the house, molded out of plastic and sewed with their bare hands! This video will you show you a homemade Hulkbuster Iron Man, a non-CGI Incredible Hulk, a punk rock Spider-Man, an authentic comic book-styled Rogue, a gigantic Thanos, multiple Captain Americas, a couple of Mistiques, a Doc Ock, a Deadpool, a Human Torch, a Winter Soldier, a Captain Marvel, an authentic Wolverine, a Spider-verse team, an Apocalypse, a Red Skull, a Jane Foster Thor, a Mysterio, a Groot, a Venom, and a couple other superpowered fans to top it all off. Whether these friendly neighborhood fans unveiled their cosplays at a Comic Con or in a private photo shoot, these True Believers are showing their stuff, for the world to see!

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