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Hi everyone! This is a request on how I draw longer banners. I hope you found this video helpful. ^_^

I apologize for the lack of captions/words as I am sick but I still wanted to edit and upload a video. Hoping that you guys still enjoyed this episode. ūüôā

Some of you are asking for a printable/downloadable version… Again, thank you so much for the lovely feedback and suggestions. I am currently working on some printables and I will let you know once they are finished. If you have anymore queries or suggestions, please leave a comment below or at my discussion page:


As for the pens I have used in my videos, I have been using 2 pens which are:

1. American Crafts Precision Pen (01, 03)
2. Rotring Tikky Graphic (0.2, 0.4)

These pens are old and have been with me for a very long time. I only use them when I am filming a video.

The notebook I am using is a small dotted notebook from a store called Muji ( I only use that notebook when I am filming as well. I decided to use a dotted notebook because the dots serve as a guide for me while I draw (which is easier since I am filming).

Thank you! See you on the next video. ūüôā

Camera: Pentax Optio H90 and iPhone 5S.
Music: Youtube Audio Library

instagram: @sarazorel
twitter: @sarazorel

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