Deadly Illusions (2021) | EXCLUSIVE TRAILER

Seduction. Revenge. Madness. Watch our trailer exclusive for #DeadlyIllusions starring #KristinDavis, #DermotMulroney, #GreerGrammer, and #ShanolaHampton. Premiering on Netflix March 18th.


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  1. Just bad, from naming te movie to e,ecution, everything is just bad

  2. For someone who watches ALOT of movies, I understand that some of them would be confusing /bad. This one tho had a lot of potential if they worked more on the editing. So many scenes were awfully long for no reason, the director seemed a little lost at some parts, the cast could've been better, the acting was meh tbh.. Not for me 😐

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  6. There were moments where they really tried to sell Mary's disillusionment, but the overall plot fell flat over time.
    This guy explains it better than I can:


  7. This movie is the same as Chloe by Amanda Seyfried.

  8. This was an absolute waste of money ever spent on a movie

  9. Never seen a movie start off so decent and ended up sooo, super stupid.. the writers must of quit half way in, and the kids in the movie wrote the rest… no offense kids..😄

  10. They never explained why Elaine was so touchy-feely with Tom though …

  11. Peyton Manning is very good in the husband role

  12. Who else came here because the trailer isnt available on Netflix

  13. This is sooooo fucking bad! And her moans are sooo annoying , like she is on ecstasy all the time . Soooo sooo stupid!

  14. Hope it win a Prize: WORST Movie of the year

  15. when i watched this movie the only thing i could think was "wat a terrible day to have eyes and ears"

  16. This movie is awful the most confusing movie I’ve ever seen in my entire life

  17. Absolute utter tripe! Don’t even bother!

  18. i see all the comments saying it is confusing but is it worth watching?

  19. I'm sorry, but what woman in her right mind would hire a 25 y/o stunner to be her nanny. Wow.
    ; – )

  20. please write 0:22 music?

  21. I watched the movie first before watching this trailer. Bruh what the fuck did the ending mean?

  22. Just watched the movie and I’m completely lost

  23. This movie was so bad

  24. Watched this last night. Brilliant film. Glad I didn't see this trailer as it literally spoils the film