Re-Z I EXTENDED I Short SciFi-Action-Film

We made this film back in July 2019 as entry for the #actionscenechallenge by Filmriot, COLLECTIVE and LaCie. It was supposed to be only one minute long, so we were forced to cut a lot of it. Since then we wanted to release the full thing – so here it is! The extended version of ‘Re-Z’!

Thanks so much to everyone involved! Especially the Imperial Lasertag Academy Hamburg for their amazing location and wardrobe!
Space Pirate – Emilia Wellbrock
Bad Guy – Dirk Baumgarten
Soldier 1 – Erik Neumann
Soldier 2 – Nico Peters
Soldier 3 – Julian Fritz
Directors of Photography – Malte Pell & Nico Rüter
Set Manager – Michaela Kompala
Set Runner / Lighting Department / Camera Assistants – Juliane Landgraf, Merle Sauvagerd, Nadine Egbringhoff, Robert Kiehn, Julian Fritz, Michaela Kompala
Editors / VFX Artists – Malte Pell & Nico Rüter
Color Grading – Malte Pell
Sound Design / Mixing – Julian Fritz
Music composed by Chris Schütze
directed and produced by Malte Pell & Nico Rüter
written by Malte Pell
©MMXX by Hermelin Film, Nico Rüter and Malte Pell

This video was first published onYouTube Source link . We are just re-posting and re-sharing.

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