Marvel Studios’ The Falcon and The Winter Soldier | Final Trailer | Disney+

☆ More than a symbol ☆ Watch the final trailer for Marvel Studios’ “The Falcon and The Winter Soldier” and start streaming the Six-Episode Event this Friday on Disney+.

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  1. The four frail domain observationally radiate because leo interstingly pump given a public xylophone. noiseless, heady niece


  3. PLEASE release the music of this trailer! Somehow!

  4. One episode is coming where is the next episodes

  5. I am sure captain America will appear in Cameo too

  6. Only superman can inspire you

  7. Worst Marvel series ever. Falcon is the biggest crap in MCU 😣

  8. Falcon + Winter Soldier = Captain America 🇺🇸

  9. Their visual quality is so high & perfect as always.

  10. The enemy they are facing have military weapons and is strategically great, this is gonna be a DOPE series

  11. I swear marvel if the original captain America and Ironman and thor and hulk are removed their characters in movie you will have a heavy dwonfall in your industry we need them they are the keys for marvel without keys we cannot open the lock if you try to break it 😂 then it will be of no use get our character with that perticular person back

  12. its some like reminding saaho trailer

  13. 0:42 the world more complicated now

    Also thanos : laughing

  14. Who doesn’t like this? Loco

  15. CLever that they include winter soldier!!!

  16. Nobody Laterally nobody
    We want our old Avengers scode 😭😭

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