Marvel Studios’ The Falcon and The Winter Soldier | Final Trailer | Disney+

☆ More than a symbol ☆ Watch the final trailer for Marvel Studios’ “The Falcon and The Winter Soldier” and start streaming the Six-Episode Event this Friday on Disney+.

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  1. The four frail domain observationally radiate because leo interstingly pump given a public xylophone. noiseless, heady niece


  3. PLEASE release the music of this trailer! Somehow!

  4. One episode is coming where is the next episodes

  5. Iron fist tamil dubbed please

  6. I am sure captain America will appear in Cameo too

  7. Only superman can inspire you

  8. Worst Marvel series ever. Falcon is the biggest crap in MCU 😣

  9. Falcon + Winter Soldier = Captain America 🇺🇸

  10. Their visual quality is so high & perfect as always.

  11. The enemy they are facing have military weapons and is strategically great, this is gonna be a DOPE series

  12. I swear marvel if the original captain America and Ironman and thor and hulk are removed their characters in movie you will have a heavy dwonfall in your industry we need them they are the keys for marvel without keys we cannot open the lock if you try to break it 😂 then it will be of no use get our character with that perticular person back

  13. its some like reminding saaho trailer

  14. i want captain america back

  15. 0:42 the world more complicated now

    Also thanos : laughing

  16. Who doesn’t like this? Loco

  17. CLever that they include winter soldier!!!

  18. Nobody Laterally nobody
    We want our old Avengers scode 😭😭