(Fake) Sonic Freedom Fighters Concept Art: Animators Wanted!

This is an experiment, to show how developed the concept of Sonic Freedom Fighters is and express, using the artwork of the finest matte painters and concept artists I know of, how the story might look in a movie.

Hopefully this mood reel will interest people in someday compiling a true project or at least go to show I’m actually serious about developing this idea. If you know of people in the industry, if you are a person in the industry, if you’re an independent filmmaker with the drive, please contact me. I’d love to one day pull these threads together and makes something for real.

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I do not own the artwork or the intellectual property. The vision of a Sonic story with an epic quality, an edge of integrity, told as science fiction first and foremost is however one that hasn’t really been tried, and has endless potential.

In my opinion Sonic is fertile ground for a faithful but daring re-imagining. Consider Batman, a franchise thought dead until director Christopher Nolan both returned it to form and brought it up to date. Gone was the silliness, overblown effects, and camp. Humor was subtler, more character driven. The series went darker without becoming depressing, expanded on the universe, and gave integrity to character’s motivations and weight to their personalities and decisions. Sonic as a franchise has existed too long for my tastes to have not experienced a similar rebirth.

Sonic the hedgehog is not just a character, its a name which encompasses an entire universe of story and characters developed by many people over the years and still being added to even today. However the games have fallen away from the more involved narratives of the comics series, shows, and earlier games, reducing Sonic to a colorful, kid-friendly mascot. This has not always been the case.

The original story of the comics series was set following an alien invasion which wiped out nearly all of mankind. The animals that survived mutated into animal/human hybrids, becoming the species known as mobians. After a long and bloody war between the humans and mobians, a dictator rose to power and crushed the mobian capital of Mobotropolis with his mechanical armies. Exiled from the homes, the escaped children of the fallen city bided their time in the forest of Knothole, and when they grew to young adulthood began rebel actions against the now mechanized city re-dubbed Robotropolis. The official leader of this band of Freedom Fighters was the princess Sally Acorn, but the figurehead and most looked-to member was Sonic the hedgehog, a cocksure daredevil with the ability to run faster then anything alive.
The comic series (still running online today, making it the longest running franchise comic in history) told numerous stories, some exclusive to the european version of the comic, about the rebels struggle against the dictator enthroned in their late homeland. The characters are still iconic to anyone familiar with the fondly remembered television series Sonic the Hedgehog which was appreciated for its riskier, darker, approach to children’s animation.

Each of these art pieces is meant to represent my own conceptualization (by virtue of the superb vision of these featured professionals) of locations and characters in a film version of Sonic Freedom Fighters.

Music in my intro is Empty Soul by the artist VegetarianMeat on Newgrounds.

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