EXPOSED! Haters Are Back Spreading Lies On DCEU Snyder Cut | Zack Snyder Snyderverse

Wack article by New York Times with an interview by Walter Hamada about the future of dceu and zack snyder’s justice league, I will show you guys today my reaction who is the real person to look at and to stay away from clickbait!

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The Snyder Cut is coming soon and we are going to get a ton of haters and fake articles concerning the future of Zack Snyder snyderverse. Things like Justice League 2 will be the future and trust me when I say, people like scott mendelson will be exposed, I have an tweet that exposing his real feelings toward the snyder cut movement and that is why everyone is screaming restore the snyderverse!

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More snydercut haters will be exposed and more justice league snyder cut will be well on the way, these people have said things in the dark in warner brothers but it is time for everything to come to the light, shout out to channels like filmgob ping pong flix warstu emergency awesome beyond the trailers and the filmjunkee for dropping dope dceu zack snyder news

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