SPACE JAM 2 A NEW LEGACY Trailer (2021) Family Movie

SPACE JAM 2 A NEW LEGACY Trailer (2021) Family Movie
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  1. 1:21 At least put Pepe Le Pew’s picture in dammit

  2. 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
    It sucked with Jordan, it’s going to suck with lebron!

  3. Someone pointed out that the wonderful company that Disney is, actually green lit the Droog's appearance in a supposed "children's film". If you don't know who the Droogs are, you can look up A Clockwork Orange and learn about those raping murderers.

    Fire Gina Carano for an innocent tweet but green light a cameo in a children's movie for a gang of rapist murderers from an R rated thriller to appear? Thanks for making sense Disney..


  5. How many times does he flop waiting for a foul to be called?

  6. I wish kyrie was in this😔

  7. Me after watching this trailer 1:58

  8. Cgi looney tunes.
    dies no

  9. But… they missed Marvin the Martian? Where is Marvin?? 😭

  10. Aha there's my cgi i was hoping to see. Knew they wouldn't keep them 2d all the time and they probably only have minor occasional 2d like Tangled and sponge out of water.

  11. If you know rudy manusco he has a very good mexican acting voice and
    He should be the voice actor of speedy the mexican mouse

  12. Won't lie this looks pretty wack

  13. 1:20 So LBJ suggests he looks for an elite team, but all the while Bugs is standing right beside him 😄 Too funny.

  14. wow the mask, penny wise and the joker also did cameos in this film? classic…

  15. No peppi le pew, fuck this shit.

  16. Why didn’t they keep it 2d honestly look so derpy in 3D I dont get it the original kept them 2D

  17. Waiting for Zack Snyder's Space Jam 2

  18. Next movie, nba stars play

  19. Uh oh. I didn't get excited 😆

  20. Space Jam 2 ruined. Based on logical introduction, doesn't even feel like a contiuation of the 1st movie. But more of a spin off of the 1st, that should've been called Inter Slam.

  21. This looks pretty decent!

  22. So R Kelly’s gonna do another song for this right?

  23. Heklllll nahhhh they done messed up a classic 💀

  24. My did they animate Lebron

  25. Wtf did they do to Lola Bunny

  26. I'm the only one who thinks this is similar to ready player one

  27. They really turning all the old school cartoons into real life 🤦🏽

  28. Starting from 1:40 its basically Ready Player 2

  29. This is gonna be bad I already know it

  30. Damn. This doesn’t look good.

  31. I don't know why I thought iron giant is iron golem from dark souls

  32. This looks like it will be better than I expected although it does look like the toons are supposed to have never played basketball before. Multiverse?

  33. They put tune world? Instead of toon

  34. They censored Lola so much and we all know why. I'm a gay dude but thanks to the gender bullsh-t going to extremes, we're all gonna be wearing cardboard boxes pretty soon.

  35. oh no, i saw guns, that teaches kids violence… he said a bad words, thats gonna teach kids to swear…. but a skunk trying to flirt with a cat…. yeah thats not gonna fly. also pepe le pew had like 20 seconds of screen time in the first space jam and didnt even do anything suggestive. bring him back you fake social justice cancel culture monsters.

  36. It's ugly movie 🎥 sucks copycat you know what MJ is the best space jam ever lebron suck movie

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