Avengers 4 Concept Art: How will Vision Return and Why he looks so different? Explained!!

How will Vision return in Avengers 4 and why he looks so different in these leaked pictures of Avengers 4 Concept Art?
I explain all of this using comicbook story of Vision from the comic book Avengers West Coast.

The first leaked Avengers 4 Concept Art Breakdown:
Watch Here: https://youtu.be/ycYIybcf4Ps
Vision faced a similar situation in the comics when he was dismantled and his synthetic skin was damaged that is the reason, why Vision looks so different in the Avengers 4 Concept Art.
In the comics Hank Pym brought him back but in the movie it will be Shuri to do the job and that is how Vision will return in Avengers 4.

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