Ludovico Einaudi – Life (Official Music Video)

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  1. In a word: Impressive. The music and the video perfectly matches. This video makes me feel that "life" is just like this. While someone tries to bring you back, your soul has already started to travel. The soul may come back or may leave the body and reach the God… Congratulations to Einaudi and the kids starring at the video.

  2. Esta melodía me gusta mucho

  3. When you realise its him on the floor

  4. you truly are an inspiration. I adore your music

  5. 2021 ? ആരെങ്കിലും ?

  6. Çocukta olsan seninle sadece oyuncağın yani sahip oldukların için ilişki kurarlar. Her çocuk sanki ve oyuncakları sanki bir ülkeyi temsil ediyor gibi

  7. È che sarà ancora tutto
    Più bella davvero

  8. Музыка вызывает не земные эмоции!!!

  9. What did the video represent ?

  10. After all theses years, I discover this vidéo! I never watched it, however such a moving feeling of déjà vu invades me… When I was 5, I had a very special dream, more like what we call in french a "songe", in the biblical meaning. During it I saw a lot a amazing things, and at one moment, I went to this place where dead kids were all playing together, with all kind of toys, happilly, in a fantastic light and gorgeous colors. There I met my twin brother, who left me before the birth, and two other brothers/siters, gone after me in miscarriage. I just wasn't ready when I finally got the meaning of this video… Such a beautifull work! And now I remain with all theses questions without answer… Miss you bro !

  11. Good bro from Colombia God bless you

  12. ÉXITOS AMIGÓ 🙏💯🎧🌍😷🎶

  13. Кто мне скажет, что это за фильм?

  14. Is it me or your soul too went for a walk at 1:43

  15. Wow…. just wow…. that blew me away …

  16. GRAZIE MILLE PER LA VOSTRA MUSICA E VIDEO MOLTO FORTE!!!!!COME SEMPRE MAESTRO EINAUDI superato ancora una volta!!!!!!Eccellente, e bellissimo. GRAZIE, GRAZIE MILLE!!!!!!!

  17. La trama exelente , me impactó y me emocioné . Que bella música , de primer nivel. Un admirador de Perú

  18. No one mentioned what broke me..the end of last scene… the look in the boys eyes……a grief so profoundly deep….mourning…… dreadfully alive…. Longing to go back…. Where he had found joy, acceptance, comradery, love, freedom,and the truth. That Our Real Life begins on the other side.

  19. I see comments from different regions.. literally "music has no language"

  20. Hayat neydi ,,anlamlar birliği çok… sıkıldım evde iki düşman gibiyiz vee kopamıyorum evden bana neden olan bu kini nerden geliyor ,,,ben kötü biri miyim elimden gelen en iyisini yapmaya çalıştım her zaman hep başarısızlık yapıştı yakama dayanacak gücüm kalmadı yeter amaa her şey değişsin kaçı değil bir çıkış yolu açılsın önüme

  21. Mi viene da piangere, ho brividi su tutto il corpo

  22. In the cruel world we live in. There is beauty and peace in the end. With that in mind be the man or woman who you want to be, for yourself and for others for as long as you can.

  23. This music is absolutely amazing. I'm so surprised that I havent heard of his music before

  24. Cualquiera que escuche y lea los comentarios levanta la mano🙋🙋🙋😀😘😀

  25. is it me or this video gave goosebumps? !!

  26. This is one of the most beautiful composition and video of life throughout time. Each child shows the era and the means in which he succumb to death except for the last one. He came back. It shows where we go where everyone gets along. Has peace. Thank you so much.

  27. Alguien hispanohablante?

  28. A person needs little:

    to look for
    and found.

    So that there are for a start

    Friend –

    and the enemy –

    A person needs little:

    so that the path leads into the distance.

    To live in the world

    How much does she need –

    A person needs little:

    after the thunder –

    A blue patch of fog.

    A life –

    And death –

    In the morning a fresh newspaper –

    kinship with Humanity.

    And just one planet:

    That's all.

    And –
    interstellar road

    yes the dream of speeds.

    This is, in essence –

    This is, in general,
    – a trifle.

    Small reward.

    Low pedestal.

    To man

    it is necessary.

    If only someone is at home


  29. The world need Jesus Christ – he saved us from the Hell!!!

  30. very tempted to say "are you my mummy?" and just leave it here to see who gets it lol

  31. Sara Sara Sara 💚🦋🌼

  32. It’s as beautiful as the non retractability of the talons of rapacious birds or as the uncertainty of muscular movements in wounds of the soft tissues of the posterior cervical region. (Maldoror count of Lautréamont)

  33. Cant believe im so late to this, i mean wow ive been missing out a bunch, where was this music my entire life

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