ENDANGERED SPECIES Official Trailer (2021)

First trailer for endangered species starring Rebecca Romijn, Philip Winchester.


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  1. was that for real?
    a few of those scenes are used as examples in webster's under the definition of "cliche"

  2. Do not ever let ur kid driving in the freakin savana….

  3. Se ve que será malísima

  4. When did Stonebridge become such a wimp?
    Can’t wait to see him kill all these poachers when he; strikes back… LOL

  5. Come on Stonebridge, you can do better than this!

  6. Love how they are portraying a White man as a poacher in Africa when there are no White poachers in Africa in 2020 just a continuation of the narrative.

  7. The still for this look like it was animated and I was very confused.

  8. Jerry O'Connell is they only one who looks like he belongs iwtb the sweat and dirt Romajn looks way too perfect and philipps dirt smudge looks ridiculous

  9. About as effing stupid as it gets. Pathetic.

  10. Jerry O’Connell as a bad guy? Cool.

  11. Africa is a continent not a country right….. Lol

  12. Okay. That CGI looks awful. Their car got wrecked, okay, I got it, but do not tell me they went that far, they can't just walk back. Its maybe 5 kilometers? That's like two hour walking? Okay, its scorching out there, but it can be handled.
    "Welcome to the jungle" its a savanna you moron.

  13. I cringed throughout the whole trailer, 2/10 before even watching it.

  14. So I should be rooting for the hyenas, yes?

  15. Kangaroo jack 🙂 rhino version

  16. The fucking flashes almost gave me epilepsy

  17. Was waiting on the aliens or something. Then realized it's just a dumb tourist movie

  18. Main guy looks like George Mcfly

  19. Omg Peter stone from law & order SVU I’m down

  20. I live in South Africa and this is honestly not scary at all. This shit happens all the time to us

  21. OK…this movie is made in 2021 or is 1912 or 1921????????????????????????????????? ignorance is not golden…………………

  22. Africa is a continent and not a country ..maybe I did not hear the whole conversation…..Why do they just show the beautiful of the savannah…There are cities on the continent…. Beautful cities!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. That CGI rhino was straight from 2003.
    Pause at 1:15 you can see what look like buildings in the top left corner.

  24. High price to pay for stupidity

  25. I mean…
    "Let's ignore the NO ENTRY sign warning. It will be fine. OFf road adventure."
    There are lions, cheetahs, wild dogs… even elephants when hooted at can run up to a vehicle and trample a vehicle with you inside. Thats why wildlife safaris have cars. That detour makes the grown ups seem extremely irresponsible and stupid. I mean…
    They could have written this such that their chartered plane crashed in middle of the game park so even rescue team needs to figure out where they are as they try to evade poachers and wild animals or something like that but what do I know about movies so we will leave that for the professionals in Hollywood…

  26. american tourists anywhere they go

  27. Amazing how this kind of thing actually can and does happen to any average joe in Africa.

  28. That's like vacationing in a democrat held city 🙂

  29. Aaah. Another direct to tv masterpiece

  30. If every white person wasn't eaten… The movie was a failure.

  31. this would make a great video game. YOU play the animals.

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