Marvel Studios’ Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings | Official Teaser

Watch the brand new teaser trailer for Marvel Studios’ “Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings,” and experience it only in theaters September 3.

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  1. Looks more like a mortal combat movie than a marvel movie. Looks good though.

  2. Her : Who Are you? 1:33
    Him : Imma Doctor Strange without that orange thing around my hands!

  3. I've watched this probably 20 times, and every time I reach for the like button and forget I already did…WHY CAN'T I LIKE MORE THAN ONCE!!!!!

  4. Shang Chi needs to protect the streets of San Francisco

  5. Lady: We made a good team 🙂

  6. Could rival The Winter Soldier for best hand to hand action scenes. Excited!

  7. Spoken like a True Asian Parent!

  8. Yo Shang-Chi is played by the guy that plays Jung from Kim’s Convenience

  9. Movie should've been called life of giga chad

  10. I love how many trailers have that same “BOOOOOooooojjjjjj”

  11. They should've saved Iron man for this and let mandarin kill him

  12. Last season of Kim’s convenience is looking pretty hardcore

  13. This is the one. This is insane the feel of the BGM and the action in it fits perfect. Everything is amazing. I'm loving the real feel of this representation. This is unreal!

  14. Was half expecting uko uwais and tony jaa..

  15. Time stamp for Shang-Chi posing instead of answering the question from the lady: 1:33

  16. Why and how is this a marvel movie? Are they building up to Iron Man?

  17. September 2021? “Okay, see you.”

  18. Didn’t know what to expect but this looks really good

  19. so Asian superhero super power is Kungfu?! lol so typical …… I know, i know baby steps, etc its been done to death, only this time its Kungfu movie with Marvel label and skin DLC

  20. why not create a scientific high level device as new hero? than who will get the benefit?

  21. After 10years they finally have some Asian Hero?

  22. Aside from "Awkwafina" being in this, it looks awesome!

  23. Normal Asian parents: BE DOCTA!!!!
    This guys parents: Try super kong fu masta

  24. Normal Asian parents: BE DOCTA!!!!
    This guys parents: Try super kong fu masta

  25. I can’t wait to see this!!

  26. So this is where Jung went all those times he ran away from home, right?

  27. Ok, but can we talk about the SOUNDTRACK

  28. The bus driver @ the end does the voice for Seasu from Rya and the last dragon.

  29. Lol the MC looks like Xi Jinping.

  30. I like Awkwafina in everything she does!

  31. Still waiting for a good mandarin and the ten rings

  32. Que bueno es que Marvel y chan-chi vinieron a Bogotá y filmaron en Transmilenio, por fin sirvió para algo

  33. does the soundtrack sound like Jackson Wang to anyone else?

  34. Matrix Chinese Ninja… in Vancouver?

  35. I am so tired of this invasion of Chinese propaganda!! I love Bruce lee but this is too much‼️

  36. And here starts a new marvel decade

  37. Shang-Chi pronunciation, if anyone is wondering:
    Shang, use the "a" sound like in "awe".
    Chi, the "ch" is actually more like a ts sound.
    Also, the mandarin spelling (pinyin) is actually "Shang Qi", but its changed to a westernized "Chi".

  38. They missed a huge opportunity to cast him as Donnie Yen, just saying

  39. Shang chi vs the winter soldier

  40. Honestly I never knew who Jackson wang was until I came to this comment section.

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