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Justice League 2 Return of Darkseid Now Zack Snyder’s version of Justice League is on its way, does Justice League 2 have a future as well? From the moment that Justice League hit theaters in 2017, it immediately became clear that the final product was not what Snyder had planned.

He exited the project earlier that year after the demised of his daughter, and even though Snyder retained the director credit, Joss Whedon helped rewrite and reshoot Justice League so it aligned better with what executives at Warner Bros. wanted. But, the changes to Snyder’s vision sparked fans to create a movement in an effort for the “Snyder Cut” of Justice League to be released.

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***Copyright Disclaimer: This video conceptualizes a specific non existing film, it contains clips from existing productions by merging them into one, a new vision of that idea. This is called a “CONCEPT TRAILER”. No copyright infringement intended.

***This is a Concept Trailer. These Trailers created for fans to realize how it could be the movie. I am not trying to fool anyone.


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