Redrawing Sidekicks and Henchmen (For Superheroes and Villains) From My Subscribers

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One month ago, I asked the AWESOME artists of the PopCross Community to submit their superhero and villain Sidekick or Henchmen designs. Whether that be for original heroes and villains or new sidekicks for existing Marvel and DC characters.

We got sidekicks for characters like Spider-man and Loki and Deadpool and even Steven Universe, but then also got sidekicks and henchmen for OCs as well!

Once a month I do one of the episodes where I redraw art from my subscribers based on a theme and this is one of my favourites we’ve had so far!

Next months will be a fun, spooky-ish one! Watch the vid to see the theme for October! It’ll be a bit less comic art focussed, but will give people more creative freedom!

Anyway, this episode was a total blast! There were so many awesome original superhero and supervillain super-helpers, and redrawing all the ones I did get to was a blast as always!!!

Okay, I’m repeating myself in here now, gonna stop typing. Nobody really reads these descriptions anyway, I just do them to get better search results really ūüėõ

So sometimes I just throw in some random searchable terms, like Inktober 2019 and illustration and dtiys or Draw this in your style. Okay, that’s all, enjoy the vid random person reading this!!

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