Oxygen | Official Trailer | Netflix

No escape, no memory, 90 minutes to live.
Liz is running out of oxygen and time, in order to survive she must find a way to remember who she is.
Oxygen, an Alexandre Aja movie with Mélanie Laurent. May 12th on Netflix.

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Oxygen | Official Trailer | Netflix

After waking up in a cryogenic unit, Liz fights to survive and remember who she is before her oxygen runs out.


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  1. movie about constant screaming

  2. Alex Aja! I love his films. Big fan 😉

  3. "Buried" movie space version.

  4. This is what India need right now oxygen

  5. pile of rubbish nothing to see

  6. She is a clone and will be harvested for organs and wakes up in a pod next to many similar pods of other clones.

  7. This is Source Code remake

  8. seems no one appreciates the soundtrack

  9. What a generation gap. You can bore people with the trailer and they won't ignore you.

  10. French scifi- how riveting.

  11. She was with Ryan Reynolds in 6 Underground. Ryan Reynolds was buried (the whole movie) in "Buried". Now she's buried in Oxygen 🤔… circle of life

  12. This feels like the twist is that she is a clone.

  13. My Words Just Lovely I am waiting for This Content And I Humble Request To Netflix This Movie Release in Hindi

  14. Looks like it wasn't expensive to make considering 80% of the movie is her in a bubble.

  15. Dear Alexandre AJA, we are still waiting your SPACE ADVENTURE COBRA movie.
    Hope you will be able to make it someday.

  16. Situation of india right now . But there is no escape

  17. Who else is reminded of Altered Carbon? They may not play in the same verse but both are sci-fi thrillers and the titles match

  18. France film? Noo. Just suck

  19. Why is the Trailer in france?

  20. This reminds me of Buried starring Ryan Reynolds.

  21. the real horror now is in India where covid patients do not have oxygen

  22. I think Netflix is the only channel in youtube where I don't see any ad

  23. Well this looks breathtaking

  24. Maybe she's still under the floorboards.

  25. OMG Weeeirrrrdd… in a good way!

  26. Calling it now…. She did it to herself and she just doesn't remember

  27. this trailer gives me goosebumbs….(we are running out of time)(you have all the awnsers)

  28. I want to see this in 4k plsssssssss!!!! I'm waiting for the update Netflix. It's time to move foward.

  29. Oxygen depleting: Character shouts and cries
    Jigsaw: Not impressed.

  30. "OXYGEN"
    An indian

  31. Bonne filme Shoshana, c'est la vie est une enculage de la grande? C'est vrais?

  32. Soundtrack giving me Hans Zimmer vibes ngl

  33. I get OA Vibes from this

  34. News: India needs oxygen
    Netflix : Here it is "oxygen-official trailer"

  35. gentle reminder that foreign shows and movies are amazing!

  36. This is giving me anxiety

  37. could you pick up "Early Swallows" tv series from Ukranian to make it global? good teen series like Elite but more dark and intense. So many peoples want to watch them but it cant, even not have english subtitle