Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds – We’re On Our Way Now [Official Visualiser]

‘We’re On Our Way Now’, the first single taken from ‘Back The Way We Came: Vol 1 (2011-2021)’, the Best Of celebrating the first decade of Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds, out June 11th! Pre-order and pre-save now:

The double album, curated and compiled entirely by Noel, includes tracks from the three Number One albums (‘Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds’, ‘Chasing Yesterday’ and ‘Who Built The Moon?’) and the three acclaimed EPs (‘Black Star Dancing’, ‘This Is The Place’ and ‘Blue Moon Rising’) - plus 2 previously unreleased tracks including the brand new single ‘We’re On Our Way Now’!

Available on limited edition deluxe formats featuring a bonus disc including previously unreleased acoustic versions, remixes, instrumentals and an unheard demo.

Online store exclusive – Receive an A4 art print of Noel, free with all pre-orders of ‘Back The Way We Came’.
Browse all formats and pre-order here:
Listen to the brand new single ‘We’re On Our Way Now’:

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  1. I always listen to this after working.

  2. This is a comeback for me. I used to listen to NGHFB a lot but then I moved to another stuff, different many genre, so I was kinda forget for a while. This song got recommended to me recently. It feels somewhat nostalgic listening to this, as of many of noel's songs are, I guess.

  3. Yes Noel top tune mate

  4. Noel never disappoints !

  5. This song keeps growing in me. Can't wait to hear it live!

  6. I bet Liam wishes he was singing this…

  7. Noel doing what he does best, taking someone else's music and making it his own.

  8. See you all in the afterlife. We're all part of a masterplan.

    Needed this.

  9. That subtle refrain from the song "Glorious" – nicely used.

  10. It’s not hard to work out why Noel doesn’t want an Oasis reunion: he’s been making effortlessly beautiful music for a decade now. Why go back to all that tension and stress?

  11. Noel going back to his roots love to hear it

  12. this sung by liam would be amazin

  13. Cool! but when you return to oasis?
    it's part of your soul!, don't let it go!, don't lose yourself
    D'You Know What I Mean?
    don't look back in anger
    We will be waiting for you, like Christians to Jesus.

  14. this definitely does not suck

  15. La cuarentena le hizo genial a Noel….temazo

  16. this is a nice AI NG song.

  17. Simply amazing, he's done it again

  18. Geniuuuussss!!!!!!!!!!

    Que Temazoooooooooo papá

  19. These last two simple beauties from him are maybe the best solo things he’s done. Id hoped Sail On, I’d Pick You Every Time and Dead In The Water were leading to something special and they have.

  20. Is this man capable of writing a bad song? The 🎱 says no.

  21. Well what can i say,,,,,,Noel,,,,is a genius,,,,,awesome song,,,,,thank you Noel!!!! from a Chelsea fan,,,,good luck Man C,,in the CL…

  22. Love this song you and Liam can make great songs together like the bee gees !

  23. Great tune Noel! Like it.

  24. We are on our way now and I don't know why.

  25. Once again, Noel knocks out another spine tingling melody, fantastic. Love it.

  26. Enchanting tune. The background is somehow a wanted reference to Glorious by Andreas Johnson as an anthem to the 90's music "grandeur", to which Noel belongs at full title. Can't listen to this without a nostalgic mood towards such good times, with Oasis as the front line of a group of unforgettable bands giving us gifts of ingenuity and pearls of thoughts, reflections and happiness. Such times flew away as life goes by. But we have to be grateful with a smile.

  27. This is 1 of my favourite songs

  28. Keeping the dream alive

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