Overwatch Anniversary Skins – Concept Art Theory

Overwatch news anniversary skins skins for soldier 76, pharah, zarya and bastion and possibly some skins for Sombra, Mei, D.va and more based on concept art. Overwatch gameplay šŸ‘ļø Reaper’s Family – https://youtu.be/VZxkVuPaMhI

Overwatch Anniversary Skins: https://youtu.be/w_TLOLe60vY
Overwatch Anniversary Event Hints: https://youtu.be/yOF_LD4IN8Y
Overwatch Anniversary Dancing Emotes: https://youtu.be/fPhMYA26pP8

šŸ‘ļø Underwatch – https://underwatch.com/live/

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You can use Gamerlink to find friends to play with easily so you can team up and get the Officer D.va skin. šŸ”GAMERLINK: https://bnc.lt/gamerlink-ohnickel

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