Resident Evil Village – Launch Trailer

Venture into the beautiful, yet terrifying village, and unravel all of its dark secrets when Resident Evil Village launches tomorrow on May 7th, for PS5, PS4, XSX|S, X1, Steam, and Stadia!
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  1. I enjoyed the game even thought i was one of they ugly bosses waiting for DLC

  2. I have beaten this game over 6 times now. I can say with ease that this is an instant classic. Resident Evil games are just on a roll.

  3. Iv gotta be honest the conclusion to this game made me very happy because I prefer the old characters and lore but that was short lived as by the last cutscene I'm pretty convinced were never going back. Am I the only one who wants to no what happened to these characters

  4. Awesome game capcom! 🙂

  5. Worst, recycled and boring plot twist at the end…..

  6. It would be disappointing if resident evil 4 remake isn't as good as this game damn.

  7. And Nintendo Switch ???!
    Capcom: keep Dreaming

  8. Everything ends in Umbrella Corporation

  9. Love the story! Now I'm sad that I have to wait 4 years for the next re game

    Hope re8 gets future dlc that adds to the story

  10. i knew something's gonna happen when miranda said "go on rest now" 😭 #broken

  11. I officially broke the replay button

  12. 💎💎💸💸💸🌸🌸💎💎💎🍀🍀🍀🌸🌸💸💸💸💎💎 Because of love. God sent His Son Jesus Christ to die in our place. Three days later. Rose him from the dead. Now. By Jesus Christ alone. God has granted us the free gift of eternal life. He will save and heal you. (look up and ask HIM)

  13. After finishing the game I came back here just to cry.

  14. I got it on may 7 the day it came out

  15. ya que terminaron el resident evil village podrían Aser un juego (solo si no quieren trabar mas con los personajes de resident evil 6) en donde hubiera un hijo de Albert wesker que fuera cazando a cada uno de los personajes de resident evil 6 asta acabar con todos uno por uno para vengar la muerte de su padre (especial mente con cris redfield) (pero si toman mi idea que cris no golpe una roca otra ves)

  16. Resident evil 8 was awesome, i am looking forward to resident evil 9

  17. H developer capcom pliss create games resident evil vilange for android plisss thank bro

  18. When ada wong coming

  19. The game looks like a glorified cod zombies package. Nothing like resident evil should be, looks like its going back to the the action survival, rather than the survival horror we all want… not good bro

  20. I got it on pc. Pretty dope so far

  21. What’s the name of the song being played during this trailer? Does anyone know?

  22. I broke all 19 windows in dimitrescu and I still didn’t get my achievement

  23. 0:17 and 0:23 we will be playing as Chris confirmed

  24. No ver si no quieres spoilers

    Que Ethan winters no muera por favor :'(

  25. After playing the game, this song gives me chills

  26. This game is definitely up there in my favourite games