More Superheroes to all

More Superheroes to all

If you are one of those who just can´t get enough of superheroes and all that evolves around them. You are not alone, and there are more to explore! Have you tried casino games with a superhero theme? The companies behind the heroes can´t get enough of sharing this wonderful world with their fans. Here you will get some inspiration on what you can do to prolong the friendship whit these heroes!

The first superhero that had his own magazine was Superman, he showed up in 1938 and was quickly followed by the Flame, Batman and Captain Marvel the year after. Superman is one of the most recognizable superheroes still today. In the 1940´s the market exploded with characters with supernatural heroes.


Let’s start with the first of them all, Superman. Since he came alive in the comics there has been numerous of appearances in all shapes and forms. One is in Indian casino online, the Superman slot by Playtech is an action filled game with plenty of options to win.


For sure the billionaire Superhero Batman shall have his own slot game. And it´s just not any game, it is a really good one. If you only have watched the movies about his heroism you won´t recognize most of it, but for the fanzine readers the story is familiar. The software maker PlayTech have made a great story in Gotham City. You can find this and more superhero games at the best casinos at Captain Casino.

Justice League

If you can´t decide on one favorite hero you can have them all in Justice League. Set in Superman’s Metropolis you find the Green Lantern, Aquaman, Flash, Wonder Woman and Superman all together fighting for you to win. The developer NYX gaming has managed to get an interesting story and a nice bonus feature in Metropolis attacks.


In 2003 Daredevil the movie came out, not everybody loved it. Playtech has made sure that you will recognize the movie in the game but to be honest, the game has a better feel to it. The assassin Bullseye will give you a fun bonus game and you are lucky he will give you three times your stake back.


She appeared first as a romantic partner to Daredevil, but soon she got her own story and now have a strong fan base. The game made by Cryptologic is a good development of the game and Daredevil, Stiletto and a lot of the other characters from the Marvel world appears. There are a progressive pot and you can win up to 25,000 USD.


For sure this hero/ superhero has his own slot, this time Playtech combined a lot of the features in other games and put them all in one. With a great result. If you are lucky the Black Widow will show up and give you a big, only overtaken by Tony Stark himself and the American symbol, a bold Eagle. The bonus game in Ironman 2 is really exciting and has plenty of recognizable features in it


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