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Take a look at our official trailer 2 for Matt Reeves’ The Batman (2022), the trailer features footage from ‘The Batman Official Trailer’ as well as from previous Batman films and contains scenes that resonates with the actual plot for ‘The Batman’ (More Info About The Video Down Below!)

Thumbnail Based On Amazing Artwork By Aini Sadratdin
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Inspiration behind this video:

When it comes to DC Films in 2022, The Batman will be kicking off next year’s slate, as the upcoming reboot will bring Matt Reeves’ vision of the Dark Knight to the big screen. When the filmmaker debuted the first trailer at DC FanDome 2020, they had shot 25% of The Batman. Despite that, they were still able to put together something special for the fans, giving them a taste of Pattinson’s Batman. Now that they have finished principal photography, The Batman is in post-production, and by the time DC FanDome happens in October, it will roughly be six months away from the movie’s release in theaters. Most post-production work will likely be done by October 16, meaning that another trailer will probably be part of a potential The Batman presentation. Hopefully, the entire cast will be united alongside Reeves this time, as Pattinson was present for a couple of minutes before handing it over to the director and host Aisha Tyler.

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  1. SM: NO WAY HOME 'Special Look' Trailer 🔻

  2. Uhh no la lanzan más..

  3. I'd rather watch my grandmother guide my dad into my sister than watch this movie.

  4. to anyone who thinks this is real, it’s not you’re stupid.

  5. diversity hire catwoman

    hard pass

  6. this was horrible. glad its not real

  7. you've just told me what I already know and shown me what I've already seen. Is this fan made?

  8. This look so bad, hope its not real

  9. If this is a fan made trailer, can anyone tell me what soundtrack is that ? It's sick !

  10. Ain't catwoman supposed to be a professional theif

  11. Selina fights with CATporeira???

  12. This can't be real since they actually left a white character created by white culture white.. that's illegal

  13. În the end, whats the point of rebooting batman

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  15. Yeah this Batman I can tell from the previews is gonna be more like a TV series version not theatrical release version I believe Hollywood needs to wait and redo this it's not going to come off the way y'all are thinking😂

  16. Oh for fuck's sake! How many of these do we need?

  17. I’m calling it now , this is the last good Batman DC movie , If we get lucky black Adam will be the last 🤦‍♂️

  18. 2 problems: 1.Batman is not manly enough 2. Cat woman is not hot enough

  19. Batsuit looks amazing……Robert looks crap in it …

  20. 0:36 Am I the only one hearing a G note in the distance?

  21. why do we have to do origin stories again??? we need a straight up comic type story no origins just a day in the life of type thing.

  22. Give us Batfleck and the Snyderverse!! ⚠️

  23. "official trailer"

  24. I hate how DC movies are barely lit up. I hope there is more color in this

  25. Matt Reeves is 55 and he looks and sounds like he's 24.

  26. OMG the costume is like cheaps cosplay

  27. You see the problem riddle diddle fiddle, cats claws not paws, to many jokers in the pack, penguin is better as a snack, 2 face dont need a new face, so the last one out of Gotham has already turned the lights out, so there's no one home… NOW THATS A FCUKING RIDDLE:

  28. I'm so sick of these garbage dump, fan-made trailers. Just stop. As seen by the insurmountable amount of dislikes that this and many other fan-made trailers get, clearly the vast majority of the greater populace agrees with me and doesn't like these either.

  29. I know that's what Catwoman seems to have become, but I really miss the bored, selfish socialite who didn't care about anyone but herself until Batman showed her a better way.

  30. NEW "Dear Slim" (PRODUCED BY EMINEM) !!!

  31. Is this related to other dc movies?

  32. Folks, Catwoman was a highly skilled thief and cat burglar in the original comics. I really don't like how they are trying to make her some anti-hero, because she's not. Is there a sexual tension and attraction between her and Batman? Sure but it's just that and nothing else to her. Selina Kyle looks out for Selina Kyle and no one else. Directors need to quit making her some kind of good guy. She's not. She gives zero jacks and zero shits about the everyday people, the poor or downtrodden. That's just nonsense. 🙄

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