FATHERHOOD Trailer (2021) Kevin Hart, Drama Netflix Movie

FATHERHOOD Trailer (2021) Kevin Hart, Drama Netflix Movie
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  1. I don't think you get it this is what i was waiting for

  2. So many comedians are doing dramas now. And they’re nailing it.

  3. What kind of person turns away a father in panic??

  4. This looks like a beautiful film! I can’t wait

  5. So I just discovered that the scene where they are at the attraction park, was filmed in my hometown😂😂 the most random town in Canada. NAY😂😂😂 IN QUEBEC TABARNAK😂😂😂

  6. I'll have to say BOP BOP if you don't know what it means Brick oven pizza 🍕🍕

  7. I'm a single father of 3 girls … Don't all hit the like button at once…

  8. I taught two sisters whose father singlehandedly raises them, and gave up his career, for this exact reason. There are so many people who I’ve come across who were positively impacted by their fathers who’ve raised them under an array of circumstances. They are underrated.

  9. Drama? More like Dramedy. Good role for Kevin to bring his more natural funny talent. Doesn't look forced at all.

  10. That looks good. Can't wait

  11. My dad raised me at a young age. He passed when I was ten. I miss him everyday.

  12. They got NoHo Hank I'm in!

  13. The pandering is real but hey lets see how it goes

  14. I cried from the trailer lol 😂

  15. Shout out to the fathers it’s not easy but we make do.

  16. Here I am, must be some onions near by..,

  17. To all the single Fathers raising your kids I wish you and your kids all the Happiness
    And joy one could ever hope for!.

  18. Damn those ninja who are cutting onions.

  19. I used to read the blog of the guy this movie is based on.

  20. Check out ella mai new movie 🚨 the perfect tutor started Ella mai coming soon 🎬

  21. This is lit can't wait…. The girl is cute and precious and looks just like Him.

  22. this going to be so wholesome

  23. Omg Ik this movie gon be good😭😭😭

  24. When I say I'm glad she's a beautiful little dark skinned girl 😭

  25. Alred Woodard I’m there

  26. Wow. When a trailer makes you cry…. I hope the movie lives up to that.

  27. I think someone be cutting onions in my room right now

  28. AT LASSSST, I get see him do some more dramatic roles.. I'm glad to see Alfred Woodward.

  29. Cant wait for this movie. We need more father like this in this…. This world would be a better place with them.. And kevin Hart played that part so well… Hats off to you..


  31. Awww this is beautiful. Watching the trailer alone made me cry 😢

  32. Cry and laugh all just i need, never disappointed with✨ kevin hart✨

  33. Me and my dad can't wait.