ALIEN OMEGA – sci-fi animated fan-film

This is the third film in a kinda of accidental “trilogy”. The running order is:

1st film: Alien Infinity
2nd film: Alien Continuum
3rd film: Alien Omega

It’s not essential to have seen the first one. But it would help you understand what is going on in this film if you watch the second film, though.

Some of the characters have hard-coded subtitles, but if you need/want subtitles for ALL the characters, then there are English-language subtitles available if you enable CC.


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I made this film using a 2011 Dell XPS 15 laptop:
i7-2670QM cpu, 8gb RAM, 2gb NVIDIA GeForce GT 540m graphics, 670 gb HHD.

Post-production was completed using a . . . .

In order to keep the 3D rendering times down I kept the resolution to 720p, as opposed to going full HD (1080p), I also didn’t use any global illumination or ambient occlusion, and kept area lights and area shadows to a minimum,
and I also kept reflections (in particular, blurry reflections) to a minimum.
With that said, the animation still took a total of nearly 1500 HOURS to render out of Cinema 4D. In calendar time this equated to approximately 3 months. Had I have rendered out at full HD and used G.I. and A.O. etc., I calculated that the render would have taken about 2 YEARS!

The film is comprised of almost 1000 shots (and they are 100% CGI).
The first two films in the trilogy had around 600 CGI shots combined.
In terms of the 3D models and others assets used to make this film, please check the end credits for all the different internet resources I used. You might be amazed at what is freely available for you to use on the internet . . . and I’m not talking about ‘pirated’ stuff, but sounds and visuals put out there for free! Also, free trials and samples can be very useful.

This video was first published onYouTube Source link . We are just re-posting and re-sharing.

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