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The dawn of artificially intelligent androids is upon us, and one man must choose between synthetic freedom and the future of humankind.

“Hard Reset” by Deepak Chetty

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More About Hard Reset:
Hard Reset recently won the Advanced Imaging Society Lumiere Award for Best 3D Live Action Short Film of the year. Other honorees included Star Wars The Force Awakens, The Martian, and Pixar’s Inside Out.

Hard Reset is the first 3D stereoscopic graduate thesis film created in partnership with UT3D, the country’s first stereoscopic certificate production program at a public university.

Hard Reset was my thesis film at the University of Texas at Austin’s MFA film program. It is a love letter to my favorite genre across all media, science-fiction. The film was shot natively in stereoscopic 3D with the support of UT3D and It was filmed mostly in studio at UT with some additional location photography around town. The piece is actually a pilot for a much larger project I would like to develop (with or without 3D) using the world we have created. I directed, co-wrote and did all of the visual effects on the film. I am proud of the film as in the past most of my work has solely focused on visuals and lacked clear narrative, and I feel that this is a development and step into the way I would want my future projects to progress. From start to finish it was a passion project that took almost 2 years. It owes everything to the films that inspired me to become a filmmaker and the genre that defines all the stories I want to tell.

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Sci-Fi Short Film “Hard Reset” | DUST

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