The Wildest Fan Theories About WandaVision

The Wildest Fan Theories About WandaVision

With a bizarre sitcom setting and plenty of reality-bending antics, WandaVision is set to be one of the weirdest MCU stories so far. So it makes sense that Marvel fans have come up with their craziest fan theories ever. Here are some of the wildest fan theories about WandaVision.

During the events of Avengers: Endgame, the team managed to reverse the effects of Thanos’ cataclysmic snap, restoring to life the half of the universe he’d wiped out after gathering together the six Infinity Stones. However, one notable exception was Vision, who was killed prior to the snap, and so was not among the heroes who returned for the final battle. And although Wanda certainly got some well-deserved payback against Thanos for killing Vision, it’s obvious that she still misses him deeply.

One popular theory that’s made the rounds among fans is that a grieving Wanda will use her chaos magic to access the multiverse, inserting herself into realities where Vision is still alive. One Redditor, for example, theorizes that Wanda will attempt to replace the alternate version of herself in each dimension — but her presence will always have ramifications on each timeline. They wrote:

“She plays out the same events hoping that this is the universe where she and Vision can be together. Each episode, we would see the same series of events but set in a different universe… And though the circumstances may change, it always ends in disaster.”

In this sense, each new style of sitcom that Wanda and Vision inhabit would represent a whole new reality.

If that is the case, Wanda basically tearing her way through the multiverse is bound to have some truly devastating consequences.

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Into the multiverse | 0:00
Wiccan and Speed | 1:41
Ultron’s imperative | 2:36
The mind of the witch | 3:39
Another Quicksilver | 4:46
S.W.O.R.D. | 6:07
The House of M | 7:05
Becoming Spectrum | 8:22
The Agnes conundrum | 9:29
Nightmare | 10:27

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