Morrisson – House & Garage (Official Video) ft. Aitch

Morrisson feat. Aitch – House & Garage (Official Video)

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Produced by Harry James

I’ve had trees in my house & garage
Since Wiley, what you know about garage
I Roll Deep with my Heartless Crew
I’m straight out of Newham like 21 Savage
I was a window shopper in Harrods (cappin’)
Now I put the F into fashion
And I got an F on the bonnet
And another 2 F’s on the jacket
Lifestyle lavish
English boy in Italian fabrics
I’ve got mob ties from London to Manny
I give her (Hype Funk) now she wants to get married
I give her (Hype Funk) now she wants to get married
Horse and carriage
Ring for the cameras
But she can’t be the one she don’t support the Hammers

Hit em with Hype Funk
Just stepped in its all eyes on us
Dark skin girls and the white ones
Man pop bottles like I pop my (uh)

I’ve had trees in my gaff like Christmas
Mask on leaving the trap no witness
Used to pray it weren’t feds at the door
Now I get lost in my gaff it’s different
I was 16 swerving the cameras
18 fans start asking for pictures (inside)
Mad how a lot of shit changed
I’m still the same Aitch I just got a bit distant
Yeah man bag full of loose weed and rizla’s
Pull up in the SV twinning
I give her (Hype Funk) now she wana have triplets
Give her one night now she’s tryna be missus
Sorry I’m road and there’s plenty more fishes
Told her I can’t mix pleasure with business

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  1. straight outta newham like 21 jeez

  2. ‘Darkskin Gyal, and the white, ones’

  3. I got trees in my house n garage🔥 man got crops

  4. Dead tune wtf u doing man

  5. Sound like you're from eastenders… you from coronation street

  6. Garbage 💩💩💩

  7. So Chet Hanks was right… it really is a white boy summer

  8. Playing jingles any1 else clock that


  10. Oh we love a good garage single w aitch man

  11. Morrison wears fake watches

  12. Can't stand Aitch! But Morrisons verse from I Spy is rated

  13. Someone slap this on audiomack for the broke ones

  14. Wtf is this bullshit this ain't garage

  15. Bad boy tune. Eastenders and corro smashing a track together. Play this tune at high volume in the sun. Thanks for the banger lads

  16. Like a harrods bad boy chiller crew 😂😂 sick.

  17. It's about that season. These bangers ain't gonna dissapoint. 🔥💯

  18. Please stay away from garage.

  19. Garage is officially ruined.

  20. we need slowthai on this lol

  21. Two white boys stuck in 1998 🤣🤣