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Emotional is an inspiring song meant to create a feeling of melancholy yet somewhat motivated to do good things. The song is very much like something you would find in Inception and movie like it. The song consists of a piano accompanied with strings which are later joined by a brass section and choir to make it more epic. The song can be used in movie scenes, trailers, videos, speeches, and many more. We hope you enjoy it and thank you for your time!
Moods of the song: Inspiring, motivational, epic, cinematic, intense, suspenseful, Hans Zimmer, Inception, orchestra, brass, piano, etc.

By purchasing a license you will get full rights to use this music in your videos or any media.
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Important : Notice that all our music is registered with content-ID system (Adrev). Once you upload your video to youtube, your video will get a “Matched third party content”. This is only a notification telling you that this music is fingerprinted. Your video won’t be taken down and your channel won’t be flagged. You only need to fill this form http://adrev.net/contact-us . Insert your video link, and copy/paste the content from your purchased license certificate into the message box. Claims are removed within 24-96 hours.

If you are planning to use this track on Youtube for free, you have to give credit to “musical solutions” and provide a link to my youtube channel. Notice that this is ONLY FOR YOUTUBE (non-monetized) videos. You will get a “Matched third party content” meaning that advertisements will be placed in your videos, you won’t be flagged. Nothing wrong, just allow advertising on your videos.
For videos different that NON-MONETIZED youtube videos, any other media using this track or for commercial use, you must get the proper license.

Instrumental music
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Inspirational instrumental background music
video game music, film music, cinematic, emotional

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