Numb the saddest Piano version with Chester’s voice Linkinpark

In Memory of Chester so I remixed his voice with A piano version of this song, gonna miss his unique voice.


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  1. Fuck yea! Can I get a hell yea for Chester! How many lives has he saved us, respect! The scream of an angel holding us all down. Even when he was down. He's looking down at us all listening to his music….. His voice… Wish he knew this all sooner. Rip.

  2. And I know (i may end up failing too).He failed but he didn't fail in the same time.

  3. This song explains my life!

  4. RIP 😔😔😔😭😭

  5. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  6. what is that piano cacophony at the end? it sounds really off

  7. Wish I could ask God to give him back to us. He healed so many!!! We couldn't heal him. Feels helpless.

  8. I miss this Linkin Park

  9. Don't be ashamed to cry, show your love to Chester 😢😥

  10. Victims aren’t we all

  11. Chester is the best singer i ever heard i miss him so much❤️

  12. Fuck man this world is the worst we lost Harambe, Chester, Vinnie Paul and so many others I'm considering leaving social media all together.

  13. Why does it still feel like he’s still alive? R.I.P Chester… if I met you I wish I could have hugged you… you never deserved to go trough what you went trough…
    Born a man
    Sang like an angel
    Screamed like a Demon
    Became an honorable human being
    Died a legend. 😔

  14. I feel a deeply sad moment when I listen to this music.. love you CB, R.I.P

  15. Chester love you man. Best cover <3

  16. It’s truly a Tragedy that he died he helped so many people brings tears to eyes

  17. Perché….perché una voce così forte, graffiante….ci ha lasciato per sempre…….perché non posso avere questo onore di ascoltarti dal vivo….quanto avrei voluto conoscerti..Chester….trova la pace ma friend…..

  18. I'm here to tell you that this legend really existed back then.

  19. R.I.P
    Chester Benington
    "Greater 2000s Vocalist"

  20. 24 may 2021, still here with you Chester.

  21. Love this I miss Chester

  22. Nice very nice version. Keep it up

  23. I don't know why but Chester's voice straight goes through my heart and instead of harming, it heals it.💔💔

  24. When you feel at your worst at the end of your time. Don't give up, pick up a pen and poor your feelings onto a piece of paper. It sure got me thru my end times. And I'm glad I did.

  25. Cester benningtom legend😘r.i.p

  26. There was an interview he did were he said “ the worst place for me to be is inside my own head.” I have never felt something in my soul and connected with someone like I did when I heard Chester Bennington say that one line. I knew exactly what he was saying! It wasn’t until after he was gone that I understood the lyrics of his songs and how I connected to each one, I was angry at myself for under appreciating Chester Bennington and Linkin Park . His death affected more than any other 😢

  27. 😭 The photo of him in that tuxedo makes me sad R.I.P Legend never forget him for him #MakeChesterProud
    Your death has been a shock to the music world
    We will now let you rest for all you've done for us 😭.

  28. The comment section is filled with people fishing for likes, how sickening