APOLOGIES – Zootopia Comic Dub

For the most suave, most sexy, most talented Zootopia Intelligence Agency rabbit in all of history, apologizing should be an easy task… right?


CasVoiceActs as Skye – https://www.castingcall.club/m/casvoi
MickelPickelVoiceActs as Jack Savage – https://www.castingcall.club/m/mickel

Artist : Tggeko – https://tggeko.tumblr.com

Editor : MickelPickelVoiceActs – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCL9L

Music: Waltz of the Flowers by Peter Tchaikovsky

I figured it’d be nice to give Jack some love, right? For those who didn’t know, in early drafts of Zootopia’s story and concept art, a male rabbit character named “Jack Savage” was designed to be a secret agent in a spy thriller type of movie! Along with him was another cut concept character; a light-colored fox named “Skye” by fans. They’re often paired together ala Judy and Nick, and many artists, such as Tggeko, have their own takes on the characters and what their stories might be like!

So I hope you enjoy Tggeko’s awesome comic, and check out more of their Zootopia artwork of Judy, Nick, and these two on his blog above!!

Also special mention to Andy Lagopus of ZNN!! Due to some audio discrepancies his voice wasn’t featured in this comic dub, but check out some of his awesome work, such as ZNN interviews and Zootopia merch reviews, at the link below!


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