How To Paint Tropical Water – Paint Recipes with Mark Waller

Learn how to paint tropical water! In this short but incredibly info-packed acrylic painting tutorial, Mark will show you how to paint gorgeous clean, clear tropical water using only FOUR colours – Atelier Interactive Artists Acrylic by Chroma.

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You will need for this project:
Atelier Interactive Artists Acrylics (or equivalent)
Pthalo Blue (cool blue)
French Ultramarine Blue (warm blue)
Cadmium Yellow Light (cool yellow)

1 large flat brush (about 5cm across)
1 slightly smaller flat brush (approximately a size 10)
2 small flat brushes for finer detail

1 large water pot
1 large flat palette to mix paint on
1 canvas approximately 600mm x 400mm (or whatever size you like, this is an exercise!)

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Mark uses Atelier Free Flow Artists Acrylics and Atelier Interactive Artists Acrylics by Chroma Australia.

Mark uses Micador for Artists Future and series 1300 brushes (amongst others, usually whatever is within reach). Micador is a fantastic Aussie company doing their best for the environment. For more info on their sustainability efforts see

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