Hyperdrive – SciFi Short Film (2016)

They call him… Max Hyperdrive.

This is a concept pilot for a sci-fi mini-series.
At the end of the summer of 2015, we shot this short from a quick script I [Lemonade/Nate] pulled together before my move to LA. Since letting it sit, I realized it had the potential to become something a lot greater! I expanded the lore and dove deep into creating an exciting futuristic world. So while this is just a prototype for the Interstellar Human Alliance universe, it is the start of something that I hope will be a big adventure.

The Soundtrack: http://popandlemonade.bandcamp.com/album/hyperdrive

Twitter: @popandlemonade
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/pop-and-Lemonade/349076505132437?ref=hl
Tumblr.: http://popandlemonade.tumblr.com/
Time Pie: A Webcomic: http://www.fedorastories.com/popandlemonade/

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