Draw a Manga Girl (real time drawing)

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I tried to draw with black color pencil and draw a sketch here.
so I hope this drawing video can show my my drawing process to all of you. hope it help you to draw anime girl step by step. This is a black and white drawing tutorial. You can simply use a pencil or color pencil.

I am an anime artist and i love drawing manga girl. if you are interested on drawing manga, please tell me and comment below.
check my videos everyday! Also, i love teach drawing manga girl as i love watching manga and anime. Please draw together with me, angieartmanga.

I watch many youtube that is speedpainting and i understand beginners would like to learn drawing in real time drawing. so i teach the manga girl drawing by showing my whole drawing process without editing or many edition. please enjoy.

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Material: pencil


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Thanks for watching my Anime drawing Tutorial.
My Channel name is AngieARTManga.
Do you love comic, anime, drawing artworks? My Video will teach or share you how to draw manga. Also, i usually draw numbers of speedpaint with copic markers, colour pencils.

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Let draw together and try to create your own manga character!

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