Salon Manga 2015 COSPLAY VIDEO

Barcelona Salon del Manga 2015.
Thanks to all the cosplayers that let me film them!
Cosplay Music Video about this convention.

Music: Pegboard Nerds – Emoji

Some of the cosplayers:
Yurio Cosplay and Noelia as Megacharizard X and Y:
Niadamn as Neytiri from Avatar:
Helen and Arshan Manlima Cosplay as Braham’s Armor Set, and as Havroun from Guild Wars 2:

Scarpyus Cosplay as Frost Queen Janna from League of Legends:
Lucks Castilla as Guardian Ventormenta from World of Warcraft:
Yumii Nyiuu Walker as Ahri (classic):
Hana Minamoto as Tira from Soul Calibur V:
Jime-sama as Talim from Soul Calibur IV, and as Cheerleader Maki Nishikino from Love Live! School Idol Festival, and as Wonder Woman:
Blanelle29 as Wadanohara:
Sumire as Tira from Soul Calibur IV, and as Supergirl:
GafrotJLE as Keroro:
Adara_GG as Generation Ahri (Ahri skin) from League of Legends:
Nagy Cosplay as Saturos from Golden Sun:
Genesis Cosplay as Mia from Gonden Sun:
Tsuna Commander as Sabo from One Piece:
Saphirz Cosplay as Boa Hancock from One Piece:
Clau_Chan as Buggy from One Piece:
Minato Cosplay as Hatsune Miku’s Halloween cosplay and as Shishiou from Touken Ranbu:
Kenji Takarai as Munechika from Touken Ranbu:
Luzbel d´Auverne artworks as Morrigan Aensland (yukata version) from DarkStalkers:
Illisia Cosplay as Ravenclaw’s student from Harry Potter:
Vrael Cosplay as Slytherin Boy from Harry Potter:
Ileven Cosplay & Destrona2 Cosplay as Alice Madness Returns: and
Nuriko Cosplay as Victorious Morgana from League of Legends:
Nacora Cosplay as Gaige from Borderlands 2:
Miss Fahrenheit Cosplay as Alexstrasza from World of Warcraft:
Dranosh Cosplay as Warrior Tier2 (Battlegear of Wrath) from WoW :
Nacho GreenLight as Zoro from One Piece:
Nunnally Cosplay as Natalia from Tales of the Abyss:
DJ Gorka Alba as Giroro from Keroro:
Charen cosplay as Gnar Gentleman from League of Legends:
Sarah from BJ Cosplay as Courtney (Team magma) from Pokemon and THRESH from League of Legends:
Laura from BJCosplay as Soraka Dryade – League of Legends:
Cristina as Asami Sato From Avatar: The Legend of Korra, and as Lucifer, de The Wicked + The Divine:

Help me to include other cosplayers and/or their customes in this list!


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