EIFFEL Trailer (2021) Emma Mackey, Drama Movie

EIFFEL Trailer (2021) Emma Mackey, Biography, Drama Movie
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  1. Gustave eiffel was a good man and employer, none of his stuff collapsed and only one worker died during construction (dude drank too much after hours and fell off the tower).

  2. A period piece in France where they speak French and don’t have British accents finally

  3. Okay but where do I watch this???

  4. emma speaking french is the way to my heart

  5. Pourquoi la majorité des commentaires sont en anglais pour un film français…🤷🏽‍♀️ bref en tout cas pour une fois que j’ai envie d’aller cinéma pour un film français – c’est à quel point…. il a l’air vraiment pas trop mal 🦹

  6. Why are there comments complaining about subtitles and the movie being in French? How intolerant and small minded does someone have to be to shame movies that are conducted in their native language. If you are not willing to read the subtitles to appreciate movies from different countries, you are undeserving of watching the movie in the first place.

  7. Girls kinda looks like Margot Robbie!

  8. Somehow France became the worst film country in the world. Seems like every film is conceived and made solely to attract tourists.

  9. Paris = Love💗 and Ghetto💩

  10. Is she wearing a dress based on the "Portrait of Madame X" ?

  11. Emma❤️❤️❤️

  12. really appreciate emma mam's work defenitely going to watch this masterpiece

  13. Came for Eiffel. Stuck around for the tower.

  14. Where's da baguettes yo 😆

  15. Maeve ❤️❤️❤️

  16. Hate subtitles….can’t watch the action and read at the same time.. please do movies in English so everyone can enjoy it…it’s the universal language

  17. I will watch this movie 🍿 it’s very different

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