Power Book III: Raising Kanan | Official Trailer | STARZ

These streets don’t play. Kanan Stark’s story begins July 18 only on STARZ. #RaisingKanan

#PowerNeverEnds #STARZ

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  2. Can’t wait🤗…

  3. This isn’t even power, this is 50 cent: get rich or die trying: the series

  4. guys can someone help me a link to download book2

  5. Then BMF will air shortly after. Thank you 50 😘😘♥️

  6. Power II sucked nothing like the first

  7. Violence begets Violence.

    Beginning to see the correlation between These Power series and Air Jordan's. Everyone be anticipating when them Js come out. Just like everybody be antipating when these Power series come out. But the side we dont talk about is the # of bodies that will fall after being influenced by this built up anticipation.
    Have a safe summer Fam.

  8. Oh, this should be 3 off them together Tommy and ghost and kanan 💣🖖

  9. Wow!!! The Power of story telling. Curtis Jackson strikes again!!!! Kudos!!!

  10. Yeeesssirr🗣️🗣️!!!!

  11. Better see Thommy and Ghost when they were young💯😂

  12. Wow can't wait till they take us back to the 1700s 💕

  13. Awhhhh shoot now👋👋👋


  15. If Get Rich or Die Trying was a series

  16. Lemme get something straight here, is there not going to be a ghost season 2?

  17. I’m soooo ready for this!!! 💪🏽🔥

  18. Can't wait for this!! As well as Book 2! People gonna hate 🤷🏽‍♂️

  19. Who's noticed this is slightly different from what was released on IG?

  20. 👉 Fightfortruthordie 👈 check him out

  21. All of these spinoffs dont look interesting at all , glad filmmakers are getting jobs tho.

  22. I swear you Black folks make me sick by accepting & enjoying this negativity that is constantly plaguing our community and culture and not forcing positivity instead. Don’t be crying and whining when these other people treat us the way they treat us. It takes a mentally ill person to sit up here and enjoy the negative image being heavily pushed on our people. Bunch of dumb-asses bro i swear.

  23. I wonder who gonna play Breeze character

  24. 7.1mil View in 5 days damnnnnnnnnnnnnnn but power is trash lol Stop it

  25. Shit getting scary

  26. For all the power fans complaining about unrealistic things in power.. this ones for you ! 1991 when the drug game was as real as it gets!

  27. Fake views. How this have more views than Power trailer itself?

  28. Why does it feel like this is a spin off of Get Rich Or Die Trying?!?!! Lol..ehh..oh well 😂😂

  29. Finally… we are getting Get Rich or Die Trying Volume 2!!

  30. Is No One Going To Speak On The Fashion Of These Shows

  31. This is just another version of get rich or die trying still looks good though

  32. Damm this does look good, might have to get Starz again

  33. So no more tasha & mary j

  34. So was there some series I needed to watch before this one? Or is this the beginning?

  35. …..Thats a female.

  36. I think that's tommy with the cornrows

  37. Get rich or try dying 2.0! Let's gooooo!💜💜💜

  38. I love that early 90s 80s paid in full type shit I never watched 1 season of power …but cause I love this era I’m definitely watching

  39. Get Rich or Raise Kanan

  40. Umm I think its safe to say that this Power Book will probably be the best of the previous 2

  41. this getting more views than RAPPERS music videos LOL