HERE AFTER Trailer (2021) Christina Ricci

HERE AFTER Trailer (2021) Christina Ricci
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  1. I love Christina Ricci, but sometimes she chooses bad films to be in.

  2. They must have been working on this movie a while since there a Call of Duty WW2 billboard in the trailer. A game that came out 4 years ago.

  3. Hmmm, good idea.
    They definitely should not have given away the fact that she is alive

  4. So it's a RomCom of The Lobster? Ugh. Pass.

  5. why does this look like a college project

  6. Didn’t she die on that roof in Las Vegas

  7. Ugh, the overthinking and nitpicking and entitlement in this comment section is ridiculous. I'd give it a watch.

  8. Not only is this dumb but SO not true. U can die single and go to heaven. U can also be married and GO TO HELL

  9. Dang it they showed the main spoiler 😕

  10. did i just watch the whole movie….

  11. Not the usual genre of movies I watch, but I might enjoy watching it.

  12. Do you like ricci as brunette or blonde? for me I like her as brunette

  13. good GRIEF! they need to teach a class on teaser trailers smdh!

  14. first stuck in the time loop, then stuck in limbo, someone just can't catch a break

  15. So nice of them to show us the whole movie so we don't have to see it.

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  17. What is this 'Ghosts' 2.0 so the plaque of the remakes is NOT over yet. So, there's whoopie/ricci and the guy/swayze and that girl/demi. But it looks good.

  18. this movie is sooooo unbelievable but i like it hhahahahaah it looks cuteeee

  19. yay!! another movie that shames single people and shows compulsory heterosexuality!!!! give it a rest.

  20. I love Christina Ricci but this looks really dumb

  21. Jamaican dread giving a shout out 8763767881

  22. oh God, another "life after Death" story…

  23. "You died when you were single so you can't get into heaven" is probably one the dumbest things that has ever been written and said in a film or tv show, but to make an entire movie based on that premise is a self imposed movie death sentence.

  24. Such a not cool plot. But would kinda be here for it if it was a gay storyline, and would then make more sense perhaps?

    As in building something meaningful with a dedicated relationship, and realizing that could be with another half or with their community . Just Christina Ricci <3

  25. what ??? souls don't cross in pairs, there nothing in the bible or any religious text that says they do, prove me wrong !

  26. Long time Christiana Ricchi fan, so gotta see this,
    Always though she was gorgeous, she's just got the look, but if I was fortunate enough to actually know her and she said, ' so I'm thinking of going platinum blonde '
    I wouldn't have though it would work for her, it's so opposite to her look up to now, but oh yeah, it works.

  27. Great concept and I love stage actors in films! ❤️

  28. Well that's depressing. I love being single and don't really buy into the whole soulmates thing, and I especially don't believe that humans are meant to exist in pairs in life, but sure, lets pretend that we have to exist in pairs in death? The annoying thing is that I'll probably watch and enjoy this piece of fiction, even though it's one hell of a depressing premise.. Damn you Hollywood!

  29. She signed my Casper DVD 😁

  30. this is a good story if only they didnt show it all in this trailer… gosh is it possible to not include one plot twist .how hard can it be

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  32. She was the queen of Hollywood till Casper…. Here after she's takin over..

  33. When is it coming iut

  34. It’s the girl from the zombie movie

  35. That is um actually a really great premise

  36. So basically…. he stalks her to death?? hahahaha

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