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PLAY ON Short Film – MorfBoard Official – JAKKS Pacific
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We come from action sports. As kids, we rushed home from school every day, grabbed our gear and headed out to skate. We made the world our playground.

We’re grown up now with jobs and families, but we still can’t resist a good skate session.

We want to make sure every kid can have that same kind of fun.

Getting into action sports can be intimidating: You have to know what the right gear is, shell out the cash to buy it, then figure out where to store all the stuff you just bought. (It can be a lot.)

That’s why we created the MorfBoard system.We wanted to bring action sports to everyone in a way that made it accessible, simple, affordable, and fun.

Great gear can propel you to new levels of skill and fun. We’re committed to building the best we can. The MorfBoard system was designed in Southern California. From scooting in the park and skating the bowls, to testing out Morf Bounce and Balance indoors and out, to working in the Morf R&D lab, we’re always fine-tuning our lineup and prototyping new concepts.

As we continue to expand the Morf universe, we’ll be launching new boards, new colors, and new Xtensions, so you’ll always have new and innovative ways to have fun.

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