Titans Season 3 Teaser Trailer (HD)

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» Starring: Brenton Thwaites, Teagan Croft, Anna Diop, Ryan Potter, Minka Kelly, Conor Leslie


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  1. 3 seasons now and I’m still asking where is cyborg? 🤔

  2. i look this because of super boy that all.

  3. Did i just saw red hood??😮😮


  5. So netflix didn't want the show anymore so now HBO has it great

  6. I thought they would not do another season of this jewel :')

  7. Jason stop kissing that crowbar you naughty boy

  8. 0:29 the beginning of something….Cheerful😁

  9. I'm tired of this show not focusing on the og titans. It's always whatever her name is Dove and whatever his name is, don't even care enough to look up their names. We want Starfire and Beast Boy more. This show is honestly a mess. It's not a hit lol

  10. Man I want a Batman show fuck all of this

  11. guess curran walters get what he deserves

  12. This came out of nowhere! (Or have I just been living under a rock?) Stoked!

  13. Titans has a lot to make up for after that damn season 2 finale!

  14. I forgot what happened to raven?

  15. FINALLY! I've been waiting for so long, i'm ready for Nightwing.

  16. They better bring Donna Troy back..

  17. I just have one thing to ask where is the batman

  18. Hopefully gar learns to turn into something besides a tiger cause I have hundreds of dc and marvel comics and far really just turns into a tiger

  19. finally Geez! thought they have already canceled this series i really cant wait

  20. Please have beast boy turn into more animals..

  21. At least this can't be worse than last seasons finale right?


  22. To be honest I'm only here for beast boy.

  23. Is it just me of the theme reminds me of ehw this going to be the best day of my life

  24. Joker's gonna kill Todd or what?

  25. Anyone else feel like the actor for Bruce Wayne is a little underwhelming, no offense to the actor. Also too many arcs, we have Nightwing, maybe red hood, and Starfire vs black fire this early into the series, AND SLADE. I just think each season needs 2 parts instead of just an 7 hour long episode…

  26. stilll hoping for a crossover to happen

  27. Hopefully, they can get Kora to look like a fricking alien (orange skin) rather than a girl from the 80s…..


  29. Season 1 was decent enough, season 2 was absolutely epic until that terrible ending, I hope season 3 is as good as 2 but knows how to end it properly.

  30. I'll never get over Wonder girl being killed by electricity, im not even mad i find it hilarious but its dumb

  31. Bad show. Won't waste my time on it anymore

  32. This took too long to come back, that i've lost interest in it completely.

  33. Worst Bruce Wayne ever. Other than that, relatively a decent-ish show

  34. We have season 1 2 on DVD

  35. Beast boy and Raven that’s all I ever want

  36. this show is going all in on the character I like the least. At least some of the actual Titans got to cameo in this teaser.

  37. Where young justice season 4

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