Redrawing Superheroes Redesigned by my Subscribers Part 2

It’s that time again! Part 2 of this month’s PopCross community redraw, redrawing superheroes redesigned by you awesome artists! The amount of submissions was just mind blowing and gave me so much selection for what to redraw in this episode!

Today we’ve got redesigned illustrations of Batman and Ghost Rider, Spider-man, Black Panther, Wonder Woman, Iron Fist, Aquaman and Beast Boy! Marvel and DC need to hire some of you to redesign their characters, but so many of these submissions were SO COOL!!!

If you’ve never seen on of these redraw episodes before, they’re basically episodes where I do speedpaint of a bunch of subscribers submitted characters based off the theme for the month. This month was redesigned superheroes! It’s like a monthly draw this in your style.


Submit artwork to the Characters-for-Pop Channel in the Discord!
or to [email protected]

Please listen carefully to the rules laid out at 15:10 in this video if you are going to submit!


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