Modifying a Toy Pistol for DIY Film Making and Cosplay

If you’re looking for a low budget, DIY gun prop for cosplay or filming, this cheap toy gun is exactly what you need. Follow along as Bill shows you how to transform this plastic play thing into a legit looking pistol prop.


Maxx Action 9mm Toy Pistol – Amazon

Maxx Action 9mm Toy Pistol – Cabelas

9mm Baretta Pistols in Films, Movies, & Video Games

Film Riot’s Muzzle Flash Tutorial
Muzzle Flash Tutorial

Tools & Materials

Hot Glue Gun – Amazon

Styrene Plastic Sheet – Amazon

X-Acto Knife – Amazon – Amazon

Super Glue – Amazon

Evercoat Formula 27 Body Filler – Amazon

Sanding Twigs – Amazon

Scouring Pad – Amazon

Krylon Fusion Camo – Amazon

Rub ’n Buff Silver Leaf – Amazon

Red Paint Pen – Amazon

Clear Matte Spray Paint – Amazon

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