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This fall, heroes don’t get any bigger. Check out the new trailer for Clifford the Big Red Dog, coming to the BIG screen September 17.


When middle-schooler Emily Elizabeth (Darby Camp) meets a magical animal rescuer (John Cleese) who gifts her a little, red puppy, she never anticipated waking up to find a giant ten-foot hound in her small New York City apartment. While her single mom (Sienna Guillory) is away for business, Emily and her fun but impulsive uncle Casey (Jack Whitehall) set out on an adventure that will keep you on the edge-of-your-seat as our heroes take a bite out of the Big Apple. Based on the beloved Scholastic book character, Clifford will teach the world how to love big!


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  1. It's cute and all, but who asked for this?

  2. please make World War Z 2 happen i am really a big fan of World War Z movie

  3. Honestly this was one movie I was not expecting to be made into a live action adaptation I remember watching some of Clifford when I was younger but I never expected them to make a live action film about him again this was very unexpected.

  4. You know the movie’s gonna flop if they have to use BTS in the trailer to get views.

  5. 1:15 "Bring a friend, join the crowd
    Whoever wanna come along"..
    I am so happyyyy…..
    Love you Bangtan..💜
    All the best for the movie…

  6. This movie looks so cute and the song was a great choice 🦭 yay

  7. Why did they make him period red?

  8. Me jamming on dynamite while the trailer is going on

  9. After so many books, and a rv series, he gets a movie? Awesome!!!


  11. I can't wait to see this movie!!! (I work at Paramount BTW)

  12. Yuri would be proud right now.

  13. It's curious to say that a PBS children's show is getting a CGI movie ready to go!

  14. Top 5 Things that can kill godzilla

  15. They made this trailer 10x better by adding dynamite

  16. Until now I never thought of how cute Clifford would be in real life

  17. Dynamite 💜💜💜💜💜

  18. This movie gonna be a bigger turd than Clifford's poop.

  19. God motherfucking damnit I love it. I love it. I love it.

  20. The fact that the next generation’s children will have to grow up with this makes me think that maybe the earth does need to go 🤦‍♂️

  21. If the dog is cgi I won't buy 😗

  22. Dude yesss dynamite💜💜

  23. Not a BTS fan, but Dynamite song is amazing.

  24. Imma got to cinema just to scream out " What da dog doin "

  25. How he be fitting thru them small ass doors tho lol

  26. i fear for the day when bananas in pajamas gets a live action…

  27. Who cleans up is bean bag sized shits?

  28. This movie is a decade or two, too late, children nowadays don't even know what Clifford the big red dog is

  29. Trailer: All cute and welcoming

    Movie: "Meet the horrifying characters absolutely terrifying downright awful disturbing characters!

  30. It looks like there budget was my lunch money