MsMarvel (2019) Fan Trailer – Marvel

FAN MADE Trailer created by Welby

Ms.Marvel, Kamala Khan, Medusa all property of Marvel.

Staring: Premika Leo

“I was looking for casting choices for Kamala on Reddit and was turned on to Premika Leo.
After watching her run on series “Couple-ish” on youTube I knew she would be a perfect match! Those Eyes! The humor! It was only after that I discovered she was pretty established as an athletic gymnast and martial artist as well as fantastic actress. ”

Additional Cast:
Serinda Swan,Steve Buscemi,Sidhant Gupta,and Brie Larson

Ms.Marvel Created by editors Sana Amanat and Stephen Wacker


St Vincent – Rattlesnake

Epic Trailer Music – Opening the Gates (Claudio Pietronik)

Additional Sound FX:

Software used: AfterEffects,Photoshop,Maya,PFtrack

Movie footage sourced:

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