Britney Spears FULL Conservatorship Hearing (Leaked HQ Audio) Opening Testimony

Britney Spears’ full opening testimony during her conservatorship hearing. She speaks directly to Judge Brenda Penny and asks her to end the conservatorship. #FreeBritney

Full transcript:


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  1. So many people around the world are backing you Sugar!! ✅👍🏻🇦🇺

  2. If she really couldn't look after herself, she wouldn't be able to work, especially not as an entertainer. This is straight up slavery, and her family plus those they're paying off, should have all she's given them taken away and be put away in a cell.

  3. wtf didn't she turn notifications off, very weird

  4. She sounds very clear & well spoken, free this woman Cali! Wow, I cannot imagine not having control over my own life!

  5. That's a real human being in distress: Chris Crocker was right, all along.

  6. This is sadder than I thought. Horrifying that they didn't end this conservatorship.

  7. The heck are these constant message tones in the background. So annoying

  8. I have been protective of Britney the minute i saw that pic of her holding her baby with paparazzi all in her face. She looked so sad. And saw her shaving her beaut hair off. First Thought. Leave her the f..k alone. Dear Lord please let her live the life she wants and needs!

  9. Stand Up Brittany ✊✊✊ Sending you praise for speaking your truth. Hollywood is corrupt we all know this, so whose pulling the chains in California besides your father? Sending you power and strength from the Chiricahuas, A'ho 🙏✌️

  10. She sounds really aware, intelligent and clear…I know there are so many other people that are unstable that no one bothers. This is just like Judy Garland, Marilyn Monroe and so many other MK Ultra controlled people. So sad! I cant believe she is ignored again. She made this money it is hers if she blew it all tomorrow she should have a right to do so! She is being treated inhumanly.

  11. FREE BRITNEY!!!!!! ❤️

  12. This is beyond disgusting, let her live free. What did she ever do to deserve this? nothing. They all want a piece of her money. I'm disgusted that the judge haven't done more.

  13. You can hear her southern Mississippi accent come through – this is the real deal Britney

  14. This is heartbreaking she’s speaking clear and levelheaded let that lady go free

  15. I have a bad feeling that she is gonna end up DEAD soon if the legal system doesnt step in and save her

  16. This sounds like the Britney we all know…doesn't believe in therapy and would rather take it to God…not this 'crazy' kinda person that's portrayed on her IG…so all the people saying mean things about her appearance should really feel bad. She had to see her maids with their nails done and there's Britney, a superstar and a millionaire and she can't get her nails done. Can't get her hair done, can't spend her own money. This is abuse and hats off to the Free Britney movement because it looks to me like they helped a lot. She doesn't just single out her dad but her family ! Her mom could go to the spa but Britney couldn't….also we all know now why she has such short vacations. I hope the court makes the right decision and removes the conservatorship and let's her talk, ts her tell her full story.

  17. The people who were supposed to love and protect her betrayed her the most. Disgusting

  18. This should be illegal ,what they have done here is there no justice in the Courts of California?

  19. She is so frightened of demonstrating emotions, because she will be exploited. Can you imagine fearing being seen crying? This is crazy. Some people are crazy. I am so disgusted. People have distorted the meaning and purpose of so many things. She can cry and still be sane. She can have tears roll down her eyes and still be a great decision maker. Her goal is not to destroy those around her. She desires to regain her power to think for herself, make important decisions for herself, and to be an active participant in her career and mental health choices. It’s her legal rights and her God given right. Let her have it.

  20. The judge deliberately interrupted her to destabilise her, there a lot of modern recording devices that can be used. I also feel there is a grand conspiracy against Britney spears, there might be some spiritual manipulations involved, any evil action that survives for so long must definitely have some spiritual/demonic support system. The judge is definitely involved as well, some of these judges are members of the occult

  21. Listen dont you dumb people realise, that if her parents didnt do what they are doing, then she would be another dead celebrity, she was having a meltdown and she was doing things that alarmed her fam… Remember Amy Winehouse if her parents did the same as Britneys then she probably be alive today. Now if Britney had died people would blame her family…

  22. They are mining her like a Gold Mine poor Britney…They have to keep showing she is unwell to keep mining that gold its so sad her own family doing this! ''I pay you millions if you look after her and get her through this'', they don't want her to be 'better' to stop millions coming. Britney I truly wish you best luck in this battle and I hope to see the day when you are Free from all of this!

  23. This is abuse 😩😩😩😩

  24. We want your freedom babygirl 💕😽

  25. She is a slave. This is so very wrong. She clearly can make her own decisions. This needs to end.

  26. They should audit Judge Brenda Penny accounts…I think the judge is bought and paid for. This is ludicrous, can't believe slavery still exists.

  27. Poor girl. Yes she had a breakdown but it was twelve years ago she has healed n proved herself. She has no say in her body. It's disgusting. They r using poor Britney for money and work her like a robot.

  28. Sue the control freaks write a book daddy dearest

  29. One day she will hopefully regain her freedom