Realistic Rose in Watercolor Painting Tutorial

ARCHES Watercolor Paper Cold Pressed 140lb, 100% Cotton, 9X12 Block
HOLBEIN Watercolors: Quinacridone Red, Rose Madder, Yellow Ochre, Raw Sienna, Indigo, Neutral Tint, Leaf Green, Sap Green, Mars Violet

Round brushes: Round 1, Quill 0, Angular 1/2

For pencil sketch downloads, real time videos, painting tips, my reference photos and more please go to:


All my art supplies (Watercolors, Papers, Brushes) are mentioned at the beginning and during the video.
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There’s a blog section on watercolor papers, brushes, paints and what basic supplies I recommend for beginners.

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I’ve been getting a lot of similar questions so I have created a Q/A on my website – – all about watercolor PAPERS, pigments, taping down etc (please go to a BLOG section)


The white pigment I use is an opaque watercolor – GOUACHE (Holbein)
I use it instead of my regular watercolor whites which are too transparent for my style of painting.


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