Sci-Fi Short Film “A Crimson Man" | DUST

In a war-torn land of man vs. robot, a young runaway slave searching for his father must ally with a broken and battle-scarred war-robot or be hunted down by his brutal overseers.

“A Crimson Man” by Mike Pappa

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More About A Crimson Man:
When 11-year-old runaway slave Wei Zhang finds Red — a broken-down war robot — he’s terrified. But the unlikely pair quickly learn their only chance of survival is to work together to escape the brutal tyrants who’ve turned them each into slaves. More than that, they realize they’ve both lost everything to a conflict that wasn’t their choice, and grow to depend on and even care for each other.

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French subtitles provided by Andrew Nguyen

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Sci-Fi Short Film “A Crimson Man” | DUST

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