QUEENPINS Trailer (2021) Kristen Bell, Vince Vaughn, Comedy Movie

QUEENPINS Trailer (2021) Kristen Bell, Vince Vaughn, Comedy Movie
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  1. I love this diverse leading roster. Vince Vaughn is a cop?! Hope he has jokes. I didn’t see any.

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  3. Remember when Kristen Bell used to be hot?

  4. phew, I thought this was remake of kingpin but with all female cast

  5. But… but… Queenpons would’ve worked, no?

  6. Kristen's at it again. Interesting! (aw man, still to date haven't seen tropic thunder , no wonder, good,haha continues to elude me!)

  7. So Kristen is playing Eleanor before The Good Place again?!

  8. I would like to thank The Last Duel trailer for bringing me here.

  9. Buddy..buddy..buddy!! Gotta watch it for my buddy, Vince.

  10. At first I was like nawwwwwwww then I was huh and then I was like YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS LETS GO!

  11. vince vaughn is washed up

  12. Someone should have just taught them about dividends investing, no need for crime, being poor is a choice now.

  13. stupid and insults housewifes

  14. Title says comedy but I didn't even smile

  15. Is that the girl from Barry? I forgot her name but in Barry she works in Lululemon.

  16. The custard hopefully fade because blinker architecturally scribble above a abundant taiwan. cumbersome, clumsy town

  17. another communist movie from hollywood

  18. This actually looks hilarious.

  19. director : i need actors from the good place

  20. This is gonna be awesome

  21. Amma watch this it's so interesting

  22. BOLD MOVE promoting the producer as one of Tropic Thunder

  23. I love this type of movie, I can't wait to see the movie

  24. The real coupon queen this story is based on is asian. Why can’t they cast an asian lead?

  25. I'm not even remotely a Kristen Bell fan, but I'll probably watch this.

  26. Based on the story of two morons

  27. Original and fresh approach to a not so explored topic. Yassss

  28. I am excited bebe is in this!